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mark (he/him) is a software engineer, photographer, and other things too sometimes.

  1. Chia Network Plotting & Farming

    Chia Network is a newer blockchain and smart transaction platform that aims to be greener, more efficient, and more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is founded by Brahm Cohen, the inventor of the BitTorrent network. The project is still young - mainnet launched just seven weeks ago on March 19, 2021. Instead of using specialized hardware to "mine" as in Bitcoin or Ethereum, excess storage space is put to work to "farm". In this post I'll share some of my thoughts since I started farming Chia.

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  2. Running is Kinda Hard

    In elementary school gym class they used to make us run a half mile from the middle of a big field around a baseball field backstop, then around a tree stump some distance away and back again. It wasn't fun and I was miserable every time we did it and I've hated running since. I've always been more of a wheels guy — skateboarding, biking, and roller/ice hockey.

    For whatever reason, I started running at the beginning of March 2021 - a year into the pandemic.

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  3. Enter the ~Blogosphere~

    I've got hobbies and dang it I'm gonna write about 'em. Since the pandemic began, I've gotten into all sorts of weird shit that I never thought I'd be into. Running, blockchain tech, impromptu road trips, and now blogging. You're gonna hear about all of it here, but first let's do the obligatory "blog tech" post.

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