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mark (he/him) is a software engineer, photographer, runner, and other things too sometimes.

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  1. Building RunDash - Django + HTMX

    One of my guiding principles behind RunDash's tech stack is that it should be kept as simple as possible. It is meant to return to a simpler time in web development before single page applications or microservices. That isn't to say it isn't modern though. While RunDash is not technically a single page application, full page loads are rare. You will not find webpack or React or babel in the packages.json.

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  2. Building RunDash - Part 1 of ?

    Over the last year, I've had a lot of fun tracking my progress with Garmin Connect and Strava. They expose tons of data points about each run - pace, distance, heart rate, elevation gain, cadence, etc. These tools are amazing. Strava is a great social network where my friends and I can congratulate eachother after races or particularly grueling workouts. Garmin provides insights into how training is going. Who doesn't love seeing a chart with a positive trend?

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