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mark (he/him) is a software engineer, photographer, runner, and other things too sometimes.

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  1. Race Report: Philadelphia Half Marathon 2021

    The last time I wrote about running was seven months ago in April 2021. I had only been running for about eight weeks at that point. My longest run back then was 6.57 miles at a pace of 10:48 min/mile and I'm not even sure I ran the whole thing. Still, I was proud of that and still am! I ran pretty regularly three times a week until July when I went on a five week road trip to Seattle and back (I should write about that next). Turns out running while driving across the country, camping, and staying in the odd La Quinta Inn is tough to maintain.

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  2. Running is kinda hard

    In elementary school gym class they used to make us run a half mile from the middle of a big field around a baseball field backstop, then around a tree stump some distance away and back again. It wasn't fun and I was miserable every time we did it and I've hated running since. I've always been more of a wheels guy — skateboarding, biking, and roller/ice hockey.

    For whatever reason, I started running at the beginning of March 2021 - a year into the pandemic.

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